Community Mediation

The City of Burlington is seeking comments on the draft project narrative for an application in the amount of $46,234 for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program for the Fiscal year 2020.


Through this grant the Burlington Community Justice Center (BCJC) seeks to create a Community Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program (CCRMP) to enable people who are not involved with the criminal legal system to take more control of their safety and well-being and that of their families, roommates, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. The CCRMP would educate and provide Burlington youth and adults with a body of culturally-specific tools and resources that build on the BCJC’s work in restorative justice and conflict resolution. Alongside concrete skill building and support, this Program involves increasing cultural competence, building facilitation skills, promoting creative problem solving, and teaching communication strategies to minimize aggressive ways of resolving conflict.


These JAG Program grant funds must be spent within three years. Comments on the proposed scope of the project are welcome by email to through December 22nd.

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