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Adeegyada Dhalinyarada

Hi -- Thanks for being here! The Burlington CJC is a shame-free environment to reflect on the impact of your actions and take steps toward repairing harm. We'll also make space for you to reflect on what brought you here, where you want to go from here, and how our community can help get you there. 

Our restorative processes take a few different forms depending on whether the person(s) most affected by your actions wish(es) to participate; check out the chart below to get an idea of what your time in the program will look like.  Also, we offer a variety of skill-building workshops to support you along the way, so check those out, too!


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YSASP provides an alternative to the civil court process for youth (anyone under the age of 18) who violate Vermont’s underage alcohol and/or marijuana laws. YSASP helps young people understand the impact of using substances on themselves and others. The program helps lower the risk of future use, while connecting those identified as high-risk levels to professional substance use clinicians. 


BPD Referrals

The Burlington Police Department can make direct referrals to the BCJC. These are one of the earliest interventions for responsible and affected parties. Referrals are usually low-level misdemeanors and first time offenses. BPD has been sending direct youth referrals since 2005. 

Youth Programs

Court Diversion

Court Diversion is a restorative alternative for individuals charged with a crime. After police issue a citation for violating the law, the state’s attorney decides whether to refer the person out of the court system to the community-based Court Diversion program.

A VT Department for Children and Families funded program, BARJ provides restorative interventions for youth involvement in the juvenile justice system. When youth are at risk of involvement in the system, BARJ aims to reduce and eliminate their further involvement. For youth already involved in the system, BARJ provides opportunities to decrease their risk factors and strengthen known protective factors. 

BARJ (Balanced And Restorative Justice)

The Burlington CJC collaborates with the Burlington School District to support a whole-district implementation of Restorative Practices. 

Restorative Practices in Schools

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BCJC waxay siisaa tababaro shaqaalaha iyo macalimiinta Restorative Practice (RP) waxayna kaqeyb qaataan kooxahooda fulinta ee RP. Wadashaqeyntii ugu dambeysay waa iskaashiga aan la leenahay Dugsiga Sare ee Burlington aqoonsiga iyo tababbarka hoggaamiyeyaasha ardayda ee iskaa wax u qabso ugu shaqeyn karaya Guddiyada Dhalinyarada ee Cadaaladda ee Dugsiga. Tani waa hab fiican oo lagu kordhiyo codka ardayda, lagu barto xirfadaha dib u soo celinta, iyo in ardayda kale la siiyo fursad labaad. Ardaydu sidoo kale waxay helaan saacado adeeg bulsho wixii tababar ama adeeg kasta ah oo ay ku dhammaystiraan BCJC. Intaa waxaa sii dheer, waxay ku jiraan barkado mutadawiciin ah si ay uga jawaabaan dhacdooyinka ka dhaca xerada sanadka oo dhan. Guddiyadan ayaa la qaban doonaa iskuulka kadib sanadka gudihiis waana bedelida ka joojinta.

Macluumaad intaas ka badan oo ku saabsan Adeegyadayada Dhallinyarada, fadlan la xiriir Kelly Ahrens, Maareeyaha Barnaamijyada Dib-u-hagaajinta Dhallinyarada (802)865-7169 ama

We importantly want to acknowledge and appreciate our conversations with other communities, but in particular the Center for Restorative Youth Justice (CRYJ) in Montana. They have been an inspiration for us in reenvisioning our own youth restorative justice programs. It's been wonderful to share stories, resources, and how each of us are approaching the work in our respective communities. In solidarity, BCJC Youth Staff

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